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March 19, 2017

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Sobriety is not just for alcoholics

April 9, 2017

Happy SOBER-SUNDAY everyone!


I’m sure most of my friends saw a post about alcohol coming. So here it is! 


Quitting drinking saved me. It gave me my life back. It has allowed me to find myself. 


We all know alcohol is a depressant and therefore those who are predisposed to depression or other mental health issues (mememe!) will likely not be able to tolerate it the way those without might. But even without being predisposed to a mental illness, alcohol in excess can cause a lot of similar symptoms.


It can be really hard for some to determine whether or not alcohol is an issue in their life, yo-yoing between the thoughts of "everyone does it" "it's just a social thing" and "am I an alcoholic?" "do I have a problem?" - so I have compiled a list of signs that may help you figure that out:


  • If you continuously tell yourself you need to quit, but don't

  • If you use it to cope with any situation

  • If you cannot stop after having just one

  • If you black out on a regular basis

  • If you wake up with feelings of anxiety or depression after drinking

  • If you wake up after a night of drinking and continue to drink to feel normal


It's incredibly hard to accept having a problem with alcohol especially when it feels like that is what your social life consists of. It can be really scary to think of what your life will be like without it - if you feel that way, I GET IT. Society has made it the norm. It is associated with celebration, with reward, with coping, with socializing. So the thought of taking it away can be SCARY. But I have learned, and those I know who have chosen to live sober will tell you that all of those things will still be a part of your life. Celebrations can be enjoyed in the clarity of your own mind, rewards can be things that don't negatively affect you, coping actually gets easier when faced sober and socializing, well, maybe you go home a bit earlier than everyone else and wake up without a headache. All of these outcomes are positive, and I can tell you now I don't know one person who has regretted choosing sobriety.


With hundreds of thousands of deaths a year, due to overdose, drinking and driving, alcohol related incidents, etc. why is it still looked at as WEIRD to not drink? Why are the non-drinkers the ones who are out of the norm? Viewed as less fun? Judged by society? Why am I asked why I don't drink but never why I don't do drugs?


With the countless amount of negative side affects - why is s o b r i e t y so taboo?


If you feel you may have an issue with alcohol, but you think your life will be lacking without it or are scared you may lose friends, your social life, your ability to have fun - I assure you that is not the case. IF you lose your friends in the process, they were not your true friends anyways. Lack of sleep, not knowing how you got home, blacking out, doing things you regret, getting violently ill, feelings of guilt and shame will all be replaced with a clearer, happier, more peaceful mind & soul.Your life will only be enriched.


What I truly want is people who are stuck in the vicious cycle that alcohol can cause to know that there is more to life. There are people out there who live exciting, happy, fulfilled lives while sober. Since quitting drinking I have not once felt like I was missing out, felt bad for myself or have ever regretted my decision to do so. 


Choosing to live sober did not cure my anxiety issues - but it has made them 100X easier to cope with. It was not easy at first, but now I can't imagine my life any other way. I do not miss it. I do not crave it. Some can handle it, and some cannot. I accept that I am someone who cannot and I am grateful for that. I have so much to say on this topic - probably because it played such an integral roll in me dealing with my mental health issues and creating a life I love and can be proud of, but I will end it here for now. Feel your pain. Feel your happiness. Love yourself enough to spend every moment with yourself. A clear mind and a life filled with feeling every emotion and facing every trial or tribulation is the greatest gift I could have given myself. 


I hope you enjoyed, you guys. 


With love,




my personal rock bottom vs. regaining my life

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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